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Melville Railway Museum

The station is from Duff, Saskatchewan and was built by the Grand Trunk Pacific Railroad. It is a Type “E” station, one of only 200 stations of this type constructed on the Prairies. The Railroad equipment includes: CNR caboose built in February 1957 at the Fort Rouge yards in Winnipeg from a retired boxcar. The Eastern Car Company built the boxcar in 1918. The flat car is CNR #75223 and the steam locomotive is CNR #5114. This is a “Pacific” class locomotive with a wheel arrangement of 4-6-2. It was built in August 1919 in Montreal, Quebec by Montreal Locomotive Works. A Pacific locomotive was used primarily to pull passenger trains however it could be used in freight service as required. It was a relatively light locomotive used on the secondary railroad track; ideal for the branch line of the CNR.

The majority of the exhibits contained with in the station include various pieces of communications equipment, from telegraphs, and telephones. There are also records from the Grand Trunk Railway and CNR, including employee records.

The museum became official in 1986 when the City of Melville designated it under the Heritage Act.

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